ECBACC President & Founder

A Biographical Sketch: A Consummate Educator

Mr. Yumy Odom, Founder and President of ECBACC, Inc., is a 21st century visionary, a renowned community ambassador, educator, scientist and researcher. For over 30 years he has lectured on / written about the importance of acknowledging the place of Pan-African (Global) imagery in world mythology (ancient and contemporary).

Mr. Odom has received numerous community honors and awards recognizing the achievements of the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention, Inc. [ECBACC, Inc.] since its inception in May 2002 in Philadelphia, PA.

ECBACC, as an urban community-based comic book convention (“The original Black Comic Book Convention in Philadelphia” and the only one in the region), is a trailblazing initiative that serves as a nexus and proving-ground for the modern-day traditional story-teller / griot / jali, and has connected hundreds of comic book / sci-fi / fantasy creators, their colleagues and fans for more than a decade.

ECBACC, Inc.: Fearlessly Projecting Pan-African Images into the Future!

Motto: The goal of the quintessential and consummate educator is to impart the information, instruction and knowledge that will elevate the pupil to the educator’s level, and then even beyond.

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ECBACC Vice Pres. & Event Coordinator

Akinseye Brown is a multi-talented illustrator whose portfolio consists of diverse projects and whose work ranges from graphic design, to paintings, to children’s book illustrations. His publishing company, Sokoya Comics, will make its mark on the comic book world by producing culturally-correct and Africentric titles that intelligently and powerfully blend fantasy, realism and African culture.

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ECBACC Secretary & Workshop Coordinator

Shenkarr Davis

Shenkarr Davis is a tech for a Philadelphia based phone company who believes comic books can foster creativity and a love of reading. His love of comic books lead him to share it with every kid he meets from ages 9 to 90.

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ECBACC Treasurer & Project Manager

Stephanie Brandford

Stephanie Brandford is a chemical engineer who has facilitated a variety of teams through quality improvements, process optimization, and regulatory compliance. Along the way, she decided to also use her powers for good as moderator of the Dwayne McDuffie forum.

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Glyph Comics Awards Chair

Pamela Thomas

Pamela Thomas – Founder / Curator of The Museum of UnCut Funk
1970’s Black Culture Expert / Black Memorabilia Collector

Pamela Thomas is an avid collector and an expert on Black culture of the 1970’s. She is also the Curator of The Museum Of UnCut Funk, a virtual museum that celebrates 1970’s Black culture and houses her collection of cultural artifacts.

Over the past fifteen years, Pamela has pursued her passion for Black history by building an extensive collection of Black memorabilia that features: Vintage American and European advertising, Vintage Black Cast Movie Posters, 1970’s American and European Black Cinema Movie Posters, 1970’s Comic Books, and Original Animation Production Cels and Drawings from 1970’s Saturday Morning Cartoons, all which feature Black characters.

Ms. Thomas became interested in collecting Black Cinema movie posters because of the bold and beautiful illustration art that was used during the 1970’s.

Pamela has appeared on BET tonight with Ed Gordon, and she and her posters have been featured in Savoy, Upscale, King and More Magazines.

Pamela spent 21⁄2 years running her own art gallery and art consulting business specializing in Black art and memorabilia. Pamela was also an adjunct instructor at Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, New Jersey where she taught a course she developed called “Is That Entertainment?” A Critical Examination of 1970’s Blaxploitation Film, Comics and Music.

Pamela attended the City College of New York, where she earned her undergraduate degree, majoring in Black History. She has also completed graduate level work in the same area of study.

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Organizer Opportunities

ECBACC, Incorporated is looking for qualified people to assist with our upcoming convention. ECBACC, Inc. is looking for: a Director of Promotions and an Education Chairperson. If you are interested in hearing more about the responsibilities please email a letter on interest to:


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