ECBACC: The Comic Book Convention with a Mission!


The East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC, Inc.), established in 2002, is a community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit education, literacy and arts initiative that connects hundreds of comic book, fantasy and sci-fi creators and aficionados while serving as a network and proving-ground for the modern-day story-teller. Here are a few of those who make ECBACC, Inc. the resource that it is in the 21st century! (above / left to right): Akinşeye Brown, a multi-talented publisher, illustrator and teaching artist whose portfolio consists of diverse projects and whose work ranges from graphic design, painting, comic book creation, to children’s book illustration. His publishing company, Sokoya Productions [], has made its mark on the comic book world by producing culturally-balanced and Africentric titles that intelligently and powerfully blend fantasy, realism and African culture. He served as ECBACC Secretary from 2006 – 2008, ECBACC STARS Education Cmte. Chair since 2006, and ECBACC Vice-President and Event Coordinator since 2008; Stephanie Brandford, a chemical engineer and the former moderator of the (Late) Dwayne McDuffie forum, who has decided to use her intellectual abilities for good. She served as a Glyph Comics Award (GCA) Judge in 2006 and as the ECBACC Women’s Panel Moderator since 2007. She has served as ECBACC Treasurer and Project Manager since 2006; Yumy Odom, award-winning ideator, educator, curator, and archivist, is Founder and President of the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention, Inc. (ECBACC, Inc.). He is also the Founder of First World Komix [], the progenitor of ECBACC; Shenkarr Davis, ECBACC Secretary since 2010, served as Workshop Coordinator in 2009. He is a tech for a Philadelphia-based phone company and believes that comic books can foster creativity and a love of reading. His own love of comic books leads him to share it with everyone he meets from ages 9 to 90… Courtesy ECBACC Archives / 2017

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