The Creating Black Comic Books (CBCB) Workshop is designed to help guide dedicated students from the African American community into becoming professionals in the comic book industry. The sponsors of the CBCB Workshop recognize the disparity between the many talented African Americans with the necessary skills to become comic book creators and the few that actually do. The numbers of African American comic book professionals that are able to successfully navigate through the comic book industry and introduce comic book characters of African descent are even fewer. In an effort to increase the number of qualified professionals in the comic book industry and in an effort to normalize the presence of Black s/heroes in the comic book industry, the CBCB Workshop embarks on instructing selected students on the ways to take their designs, stories, skills and ideas and present them in a professional manner. This strategy will allow them to best represent themselves to a hiring comic book company and / or best empower themselves to become successful self-publishers.

These are structured to enhance the quality of work of those interested in taking their existing skills to a level of professional excellence.

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