Alitha E. Martinez

Alitha E. Martinez is a comic book artist by trade having served time in the trenches penciling such titles as Iron Man, X-Men, Black Sun, Marvel Age Fantastic Four, and Black Panther for Marvel Comics; and Voltron for Devil’s Due to name a few. Her professional career began in 2000, before that she was a background artist on Daredevil and an Assistant Inker on Aquaman.

“The only chances you regret are the ones you didn’t take.” So she’s combined her first loves, painting and comics, and formed her own company, Ariotstorm Productions. Now, she’s really doing what she loves. Her first title, YUME AND EVER, will debut at the NY Comic Con at the Javitz Center April 18-20.

Yume and Ever is a blend of styles: free flowing thoughts; things that aren’t allowed to be drawn; and rules that are hardly ever broken.

There’s a great tragedy in the first issue. You’ll get to see it. You’ll meet all of the players as kids, and you’ll know what made them or broke them without any biased narration. It’s like a dream that each character will interpret differently as the story goes on.

Hence, the play on words with the title of the book… Yume means dream in Japanese. Ever is the leading male. Together the kanji in the logo, means dreaming forever.

All of the great Heroes are dead! Yeah, just like that, wiped out on mass. Even the villains who unleashed Pandora didn’t expect to be so successful.

You know the drill. Nefarious evil-doers hatch a diabolical scheme to rule the world. Super heroes unite to halt their odious plans. One epic battle later, the day is saved and almost everybody goes home happy (except for the one B level hero who has to die for dramatic effect). Even the bad guys are comfortable with that. It’s the status quo until they actually succeed.

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