Digital Technology for Liberation Artistry Pt 5

Digital Technology For Liberation Artistry Pt 5:
This Is How You Do It!

Brother G and Mshindo I will show the Cinema Graphic Novel adventure “Zulu Mech 1” and present the techniques used to create the epic series.

Brother G will explain how we used the latest ways to get paid, distribute and protect artistry using digital technology and how we used new media to level the playing field for small independent producers and publishers. Then, Mshindo will demonstrate artistic and storytelling techniques so that other artists can creat their own Cinema Graphic Novels. In addition, new information about international markets via the internet will be discussed.

Gregory L. Walker, CEO of Seker Nefer Productions, is a Chicago-based journalist, poet, historian and author. He is the author of Shades Of Memnon, a novel series about the activities of the ancient Kushites of Africa.

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