Dwayne J. Ferguson

Dwayne J. Ferguson (a.k.a Hunter Wolf) continues to develop a long portfolio of achievements.

In 1986, at the age of nineteen and in his sophomore year at Rutgers University, Hamster Vice, the first issue of the popular comic book series was published. The comics, about animal cops Hammy, Ben, and Wolph versus criminal roaches, went on to become Blackthorne Publishing’s top-selling book for over 16 months. The first issue, Hamster Vice: Rumble Roach sold 42 thousand copies in one month and placed Ferguson’s feet into the door of professional comics.

Taking a break from Hamster Vice, he went on to create the futuristic detective Captain Africa. Operating from the fictional city of Egyptica, Prince Najee M’witu wages a personal war on crime and, with the help of his best friend, inventor Buni Mandella, sets off to build the ultimate weapon: the Falcon Shadow armor suit.

In November 1990, Ferguson’s publishing company DIEHARD Studio Entertainment released the 120-page illustrated novel Captain Africa: The Battle for Egyptica. In 1992, the completely revised novel grew to 144 pages, with over 25 new illustrations, and a beautifully airbrush-rendered cover by the writer/artist. The book is published by Africa World Press in paperback and hardcover.

The popular character was also featured in his own 3-issue comic book series published by DIEHARD Studio Entertainment, entitled Captain Africa: Bite of the Scrab. Also during the 1990’s, Ferguson was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the US Department of Agriculture for his lecture on the importance of racial harmony in society and in literature. The enterprising creator also works in other media…1993 marked the release of his first toy line Snailiens: Supersonic Shell Fighters based on issues five and six of Hamster Vice. The Snailiens waged a never-ending war against the Lunar-Ticks in a battle to save earth. The spring of 1994 yielded the release of six 64-page Mighty Morphin Power Rangers activity books, illustrated by Ferguson, featuring characters from the #1 rated kid’s show in the country.

On September 17, 1994, Ferguson’s first animated project Mutant League premiered on Saturday and Sunday mornings across the nation in the #1 spot. The cartoon is about a sports league of mutated athletes who compete in the world’s most dangerous sports. Ferguson was the Art Director, character designer, props, background and storyboard artist for the animated series. The characters are based on the Sega Genesis games Mutant League Football and Mutant League Hockey.

In March 1997, Ferguson was hired by Sony Music to develop concept art for the super-rock band Aerosmith’s Nine Lives album. April 1997 marked the launch of his latest project, Kid Caramel Private Investigator mystery series for children. The books are entitled The Case of the Missing Ankh, The Werewolf of PS 40, Mess at Loch Ness, and Ghost Ranch: The Legend of Mad Jake.

The series is produced by the award-winning publisher Just Us Books, Inc. The fifth book in the series will be released soon. Ferguson is producing the Kid Caramel: Private Investigator animated series, which will premier in the near future.

Currently, he is a regular writer for 3D HDRI magazine dedicated to 3D animation. He has also written and co-authored several technology-based books for the publishers Against The Clock, such Mac OS X, FrontPage 2000, Flash MX, Dreamweaver 4 and more. Additionally, Ferguson is a Graphics Instructor for the Virtual Training Company. He develops software application tutorials such as Lightwave 3D, Animating in Flash, Combustion, Adobe Creative Suite Power Projects, iLife, Poser, and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and more.

In 2004, Hunter created, directed and produced a 15 minute animated short film called Black Zero: Mercenary Ant. His film is shown at film festivals around the country and is receiving excellent reviews from attendees and curators of the festivals. His film was shown at the Cape May Film Festival in 2005, Cape May New Jersey and was shown at the Hollywood Black Film Festival 2006, in Beverly Hills California.

As for future projects, he knows what they are and he is not telling for now but you can bet that they will be worth the wait.

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