ECBACC 2016 Programming Schedule

Programming Public

  • KIDS’ LIBRARY ZONE {11AM – 3PM} Bring your young creators to this fun-zone, brimming with activity! Young participants will be challenged to think creatively as they are guided through fun projects and games that allow them to draw, color, write and imagine!
  • THE BIG DRAW {11:15AM – 12Noon} This one-of-a-kind workshop shows young artists how make big, fun and impactful artwork that can be used for book covers or even splash pages in your very own comic book!  Facilitated By: N. Steven Harris
  • DIGITAL ARTISTRY 1 {12Noon – 1PM} ECBACC will hold an amazing and timely workshop that teaches participants how to create art using the latest technology and computer techniques.  Facilitated By: Mshindo Kuumba I.
  • WRITING CHALLENGES & HOW TO BREAK THEM {12Noon – 1:15PM} Professional creators invite you to join in or listen to a discussion that examines the most common writing challenges and how to conquer them in creating your very own work!  Facilitated By: Alex Simmons
  • CARTOONING 101 {12:15PM – 1:15PM} Interested in breathing life into your story characters? Come and join our youth workshop that will instruct you on how to create exciting, energetic and related character designs for comic books, strips, and animation.  Facilitated By: Jerry Craft
  • AFRICOZ 5 CONTEST {1:15PM – 1:45PM} Every winner represents the heroes we want to see. So who will it be at AfriCoz5!? Help the judges review the best in AfriCozplay today!  Cheer for your favorites and support those who gave their all to make AfriCoz5 amazing! Remember “Many May Coz but only a few will AfriCoz!!”
  • THE GRIOT ZONE! {1:45PM– 2:30PM} Educator and storyteller extraordinaire, Mrs. Carla Wiley delivers fun activities where participants, sing, dance, and tell stories!
  • CREATIVELY ILLUSTRATED {1:45PM -2:45PM} Often illustrations are judged not only on the skill of the artist but also the creativity and imaginative concepts the artist brings to life. Professional illustrator Eric Battle will show participants how to make those important illustrations creative and imaginative!  Facilitated By: Eric Battle
  • CREATING INSPIRATION {2:45PM – 3:45PM} We all know that creating images and stories is no simple task. Participants in this panel will discuss their solutions for low creative days and what gives them the inspiration to create their masterpieces!  Facilitated By: Jerry Craft
  • AFRICOZ CONTEST RESULTS {3:45PM – 4:15PM} The votes are in! Having tabulated the judges’ votes, ECBACC will be announcing the winners of the 5th Annual AfriCoz contest! Come celebrate all 2016 participants!
  • DIGITAL ARTISTRY 2 {4:30PM – 5:30PM} ECBACC will hold an amazing and timely workshop that teaches participants how to create art using the latest technology and computer techniques. Talented artist Sheeba Maya shares her experiences, new work and projects with fans.  Facilitated By: Sheeba Maya
  • IMAGINATIVE FORCE {5PM – 6PM} Join the talk as many of our headlining guests discuss how the creativity of our professionals are changing the landscape of comics, films, and storytelling!  Facilitated By: Prof. William Foster III

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