ECBACC SYNERGY 2013 Submission Requirements

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in ECBACC SYNERGY, where Black images and voices in storytelling meet! We are planning a great ECBACC this year and with your help it will be another memorable one as well. With the launch of SYNERGY, we hope to expand the space wherein writers, authors, illustrators, publishers and creators can network, interact with a live audience and share in the entertainment of storytelling.

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Below are a few things we’ll need to get you signed on to participate in SYNERGY 2013 at ECBACC!


We welcome the creative work of Black (African-Descended) writers as well as writers whose work features main characters, protagonists, or themes relating to Black experiences. Writers must be present and capable of reading their own work themselves.

Work containing descriptions of nudity, overt sexuality, pornography or profanity will not be considered eligible for this event.  We want to exhibit good storytelling that is appropriate for the families who will be attending our annual convention.

Method of Entry

You will be required to send a copy of the story / prose you plan to read at our event to the SYNERGY Committee for approval.

We will need:

  1. Contact Name (if you have a Pen Name, please include it as well)
  2. Contact Address (email and street address w/ zip code)
  3. Contact Number (telephone)
  4. Mini-bio (a paragraph or less)
  5. Your Written Work (the actual sample you plan to read)

The ECBACC SYNERGY event is an open-networking event, wherein ideas can be shared. Within that environment your intellectual property will be exhibited to all. Please take all precautions in protecting your work. Please send copyrighted works only. ECBACC, Inc. is not responsible for any copyright infringement between creators before, during or after the scheduled SYNERGY event.

The Deadline for Submissions is: Monday, April 29, 2013.


Reading slots are limited! The SYNERGY event is planning to schedule 6 – 10 writers to read up to 5 minutes of prose each. If selected, you will be notified (by Monday, May 6) prior to the convention. On the day of the Convention you will be required to sign in with the SYNERGY Facilitator to confirm your participation.

Although you have been approved and selected to read, please be aware that at any time ECBACC, Inc., the ECBACC Board of Directors, the SYNERGY Committee, and the SYNERGY Facilitator reserve the right to refuse writers from participating up until and including the day of the SYNERGY event.

Thank you for your consideration.

Have a good read!
SYNERGY Committee
ECBACC, Inc. 2013

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