GCA 2019 Submissions


Works Will be Accepted through 01/31/19

The Glyph Comics Awards Committee invites creators and publishers to submit their 2018 released works for consideration.  The Committee defines Black-themed work as any comic with any combination of the following: a Black protagonist(s), or at least a Black character(s) pivotal to the direction of the story; a setting(s) or a theme(s) that explores the Black experience within the United States and/or abroad, past, present, and/or future; and/or a comic of any kind written and/or illustrated by a Black creator(s).

If you have an eligible work that you want to submit for award recognition, use the adjacent button and link and complete the requested information.



The completed form and samples can be uploaded to our drop box.  We appreciate all who step forward to help us recognize quality creative works.

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