Having Our Say Panel: Youth and Beauty

ECBACC, Inc. is proud to present the longest running (okay, 3 years) comics panel featuring Black women. For ECBACC 2009, the panel is titled, “Having Our Say: Black Women discuss Youth and Beauty”. Topics during earlier Having Our Say panels have included speculative fiction, love, and humor. Please see the information below about the panelists scheduled to participate on Saturday, May 16.

Cheryl Lynn Eaton

Cheryl Lynn Eaton is the founder and creator of the Ormes Society. The Ormes Society, named after the legendary pioneering cartoonist of color Jackie Ormes, is an organization dedicated to supporting black female comic creators and promoting the inclusion of black women in the comics industry as creators, characters and consumers. Cheryl Lynn maintains the Ormes Society website and also maintains Torchbearers, an online community with a specific focus on black female characters in sequential art and animation.

The Ormes Society

Leilani Hickerson

Leilani is a freelance illustrator by day, supreme juggling master by night. She was born in the heartland of New Jersey in the year of 1983. She climbed her way to the top of the trenches and graduated in 2006 from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. There she received her BFA in Illustration and to her surprise, attained the university’s most distinguished illustration award. With comic exhibitions travelling worldwide she still enjoys her downtime. She enjoys ice coffee, pumping iron, reading comics by firelight, and illustrating her and her sister’s upcoming children’s comic My HafuĀ©.


Arie Monroe

Arie is originally from Kansas City Missouri. She has a passion for comics, illustration, and animation. Her work is inspired by a multitude of styles from fine art to anime. Some of her favorite artists include Norman Rockwell, Josh Middleton, Dan Haskett, Bruce Timm and Chris Sanders. She specializes in drawing girls, but is always up for the challenge of drawing whatever is placed in front of her. She also enjoys drawing things geared toward kids and has some experience working with licensed product design.


Stephanie Brandford – Facilitator

ECBACC Treasurer and Project Manager

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