Jerry Craft

Jerry Craft

Jerry Craft is the creator of Mama’s Boyz, his award-winning comic strip that has been distributed by King Features Syndicate since 1995. His first book, Mama’s Boyz: As American as Sweet Potato Pie! was named in The Great Books For African American Children. Since then, the strip has been featured in “Chicken Soup For The African American Soul,” “Chicken Soup For The African American Woman’s Soul,” and “The Idiot’s Guide to Comedy Writing.”

He has recently released his second book, Mama’s Boyz: Home Schooling which is even bigger and better than the first! Jerry has done illustrations for Essence Magazine, book covers, and has recently illustrated his first children’s book. You can learn more about him or check out his popular Flash cartoons on his website, as well as YouTube.

Check out my illustration in the Dec 2007 Essence Magazine. Page 172

Working with the ACFN
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YouTube cartoon: Black Superheroes of My Childhood
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