M. Asli Dukan

M. Asli Dukan is a producer, director and editor from New York City. She graduated from The City University of New York with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Media and Communication Arts in 1999 where she received the best editing award for her thesis film, Sleeping on a train in Motion. In 2000, she founded Mizan Media Productions, a multi-media company to produce low budget, high quality music videos, commercials and short films. Her media works have screened at the Blowin’ Up A Spot Film Festival in Texas, Citivisions in New York, the Imagenation Film & Music Festival in New York, the Black to the Future Science Fiction Festival and the Langston Hughes Film Festival, both in Seattle and on Move the Frame, a video dance television program.

She has been nominated for the Renew Media grant twice and received a grant from the City University of New York to further her professional development in the field of film and television. Her latest projects include producing and directing “Boot”, the first music video for Tamar-kali, the Geechee Goddess Hardcore Warrior Soul, producing and directing Hanifah Walidah’s music video “Do You Mind”, producing and directing the feature length documentary, Invisible Universe: a history of blackness in speculative fiction which reveals the history of representations of Blacks in fantasy, horror and science fiction literature and film and producing and directing the short SF film “73”, about a dystopian future Harlem.

You can find more information at www.invisibleuniversedoc.com/

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