MLK Symposium at U Penn

On February 3, 2012 The East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention, Inc. received an award from University of Pennsylvania’s 2012 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Symposium on Social Change.

The event was held at Huntsman Hall on the University’s campus and hosted by artist Stephanie Renee and Ms. Pamela Godboldt, UPenn administrator. The evening brought together some of the city’s most influential individuals and organizations who are dedicated to the arts and social change.

This program analyzed, recognized, and featured local artistic talent that has bolstered the fight for social justice through use of visual, movement, spoken, musical, and multimedia arts. There was also an open discussion on the history and impact of the arts in social justice movements and several performances.

ECBACC, Inc., represented by its founder and president Mr. Yumy Odom, was recognized for its extensive history of creating, facilitating, and advocating for impactful art as a means to address social issues.


Ms. Pamela Godbolt begins the Awards portion of the program by emphasizing the importance of culture and consciousness as awardees and presenters look on.


Ms. Pamela Godbolt introduces ECBACC, Inc. Founder and President, Mr. Yumy Odom to the audience filling Huntsman Hall on University of Pennsylvania campus.


ECBACC Founder and President Mr. Yumy Odom graciously receives award for 11 years of service.


Host Ms. Pamela Godbolt poses with the representatives of Philadelphia-based organizations who seek social change via the arts: Arts Sanctuary, ECBACC, Inc., Freedom Theatre, and The Philadelphia Folklore Project. Mr. Robert Carter, UPenn administrator stands with them.


Young performers excite the audience with their level of skill and professionalism as they prove to all that the legacy of using culture and art to raise consciousness lives on. Here DANSE4NIA Repertory Ensemble makes fluid, energetic movements seem effortless.


ECBACC Founder and President Mr. Yumy Odom brings home the 2012 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Symposium on Social Change Award for ECBACC, Inc.

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