Percy "MF Grimm" Carey

2008 Glyph Comics Awards (GCA), Story of the Year winner

Underground hip-hop icon Percy “MF Grimm” Carey tells the true story of his life in the game – from dizzying heights to heartbreaking losses – in this raw, brutally honest graphic novel memoir.

In SENTENCES, Carey chronicles his life in the sometimes glamourous, often violent, world of hip-hop. From the first time he picked up a microphone at a bloc party to the day he lost the use of his legs to gang violence and back around to his reincarnation and rise to the top of his game as a Hip-Hop Grand Master, no questions are left unanswered and no apologies are made, resulting in a truly moving graphic novel National Public Radio called “powerful” and Time Magazine labeled as “a top 10 best graphic novel of 2007.”

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