Tony Tallarico

Born in Brooklyn, NY

Attended: School of Industrial Arts, School Visual Arts

Lives in Valley Stream, NY with Bride, Elvira (44 Years)

Freelance Cartoonist, Illustrator, Author of over 1,000 children’s books…including “WHERE ARE THEY?” series that has sold over 11 million copies world-wide. Also, “I CAN DRAW…” series as well as “FUN-FILLED” series, “ENCYCLOPEDIA”, “DICTIONARY”, “BIOGRAPHY”, “GEOGRAPHY”, “ULTIMATE PICTURE” series.

I did the first Black hero comic book “LOBO” and the first political satire comic book “THE GREAT SOCIETY COMIC BOOK”. “TRIVIA-TREAT” comic strip with writer wife. Most important creations are daughter Nina Reyes and son Tony John. Top grandchildren, Maria & Christopher.

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